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How to find an illuminated manuscript in your local library

July 29, 2021 Comments Off on How to find an illuminated manuscript in your local library By admin

A library in Melbourne’s north is giving out thousands of illuminated manuscripts to people looking for their own manuscripts.

Key points:The books are from the 18th century, but the author has yet to be identified, the library saidIt is a new initiative that is giving people the opportunity to find their own illuminated manuscripts, and to contribute their own stories to the literature collectionIt is also encouraging people to share their own story, said the libraryThe initiative is called The Light in the Library and it has been run by the National Library of Australia, which runs the library.

“We are very happy with the response, and we know that this initiative has been a big success,” library manager Fiona Mascarenhas said.

“It’s been a real eye opener and we’re looking forward to seeing how many people will respond.”

Libraries in Australia are increasingly turning to digitisation to give people a more personalized experience.

While this is an area that many people would like to see more of, the idea of giving people a chance to contribute to the heritage of their local library is appealing to many.

“I think we are really in a really great place to do it,” library patron Paul Tippett said.

He said the project was particularly beneficial to Indigenous people.

“They are a lot more likely to be a part of the project.

The whole idea is to give them the opportunity of being part of something that they really want to be part of,” Mr Tippetts said.

The books will be available at the Melbourne library for $35.

They are available for people of all ages, but people aged under 18 can only purchase one.

A sample of the book collection, from left to right, are: The Light is a Beautiful Light, A Picture of the Day, The Light and the Man, The Morning Post, The Evening Post, A Day in the Life, The Picture of God, A History of the Sun, The Story of the Year, A Night of the Nightingale, The Book of the Great Flood, The Man Who Fought the Sea, The History of Love, A Morning Star, A Story of Love and Marriage, A Man and Woman, The Oldest Woman and Child, A Christmas Story, The Great Sea, and A Christmas Day Story.

Libraries have always had a love of literature and, while some may consider it outdated, they do still have the opportunity, said Mr Tiddett.

“You can’t get a better deal on books than libraries do,” he said.

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