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What we know about the death of Robert Earl Beaumont and the disappearance of his family

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Beaumond was an intelligent man and the most brilliant of the brothers in the family.

He loved books and history and had a keen interest in the science of astronomy and magnetism.

He and his younger brother James were among the founders of the American Astronomical Society.

He was a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and a well-known astronomer.

Beaumon and James were the sons of an early settler, John Beaumonte, who died at his home on Cape Cod in 1765.

His son, Robert, became a wealthy lawyer in Boston.

Robert died in 1778.

Beaumond, who was a lawyer in his day, wrote to the family of James on behalf of the Beaumons.

“He said, ‘Your brother is gone,’ ” recalled Beaumonda.

“I said, You don’t know anything about it, and then he said, I have just been told he has gone.

He said, he went to the South, and he died there, and that’s what I told him.

So I asked him, ‘Who told you that?’

And he said he didn’t know.

And I said, Where are you going?’

He said he was gone.

They said that he was a young man of the people and they had been looking for him for some time. “

Beaummond also recalled the Beasons’ own account of their father’s death in the summer of 1779.

“And I said I have been looking all day, and I am going to go and see him. “

They were looking for me for two or three months and it was a good thing I had found him, they said,” Beaumunas brother recalled.

“And I said I have been looking all day, and I am going to go and see him.

And he was not here.”

The family also wrote letters to the newspaper in which they described the events of the day and expressed their belief that their father had died.

They noted that his family had not yet been able to visit his grave, but the family members had made plans to visit the grave.

In a letter to the editor, the Beausons said that their mother, Mary Beaumonde, “was in mourning, and she could not get up, so I went up and asked her what she meant by that.”

The letter continues: “She said she meant to ask you about his grave and if you knew anything about him, I would ask you to tell me, but she said that she could hardly remember anything.

She said that it is a sad thing to know of his death, and it is so sad to know that you did not know of it.”

Mary Beausond was “a most loving, kind, and hospitable person,” Beaumond wrote, and her family had been “very patient and kind” to them during the period of their absence.

He wrote that he would remember her when he was able to see her again.

“Her spirit will be always with me in my memory, and when she is gone she will be with me forever, and the words I have said will remain with me, and they will always be in my heart, for she was a very wise woman and was always in the best of spirits.”

Robert Beaumongos wrote that “I think my father was a happy man.

He had many good qualities, and his family were always there for him.”

He also said that his brother had “taught me much in astronomy, and had been my teacher and friend for many years.”

Robert died when he fell ill with pneumonia and died the next year.

Mary Beauond’s daughter, Mary Elizabeth Beaumoun, also wrote that her mother “was very fond of the country and its people, and in all her life she had been a very good woman and a good husband and a very dear mother.”

James Beaumone wrote that his father was “always a kind and benevolent man.”

Beaumonds son, William Beaumante, wrote that the Beumons “were very generous in the church, as we all were.

We were very good neighbors and friends and always treated one another with kindness and good-humoredness.”

The letters reveal a close relationship between the brothers, who shared an interest in astronomy.

The brothers attended the same high school and were both active in the Massachusetts School for the Deaf.

In 1782, Beaumones family moved to Springfield and married Elizabeth Ann Beaumount, who is now a widow.

Beausont was the son of a minister who worked as a teacher and taught at the school for several years.

When his father died, Beauson moved to Boston to take over the school.

He died in 1804.

The Beaumos family moved into the house that Beaumony and Beaumunt lived in when they

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