How to paint the ‘darkening’ of the Jerusalem ‘dark’

How to paint the ‘darkening’ of the Jerusalem ‘dark’

August 30, 2021 Comments Off on How to paint the ‘darkening’ of the Jerusalem ‘dark’ By admin

It’s not a new problem for Israel, but it has never been so bad, according to a new study. 

As part of the first major study of the phenomenon, researchers from the University of Chicago have examined the extent of the problem, and found that the darker the region, the more likely it is that people have experienced racism. 

According to the study, the darker Israel is, the less likely it’s been a place where the majority of residents are Arab.

The researchers say the findings point to a “deeply embedded and persistent discrimination” in Israel. 

“Our results show that Arab citizens of Israel face a persistent and systematic form of discrimination that is often not acknowledged or understood,” the study authors wrote in the study.

“In Israel, Arabs face discrimination that does not end with a lack of jobs, housing, public services, or public infrastructure, but continues to affect daily life, including housing, education, and healthcare.”

According to Haaretz, this study comes just months after the country’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said in March that “there are some days when the Israelis are not the best people to speak about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

“There are a lot of Palestinians, and it’s not just the Arabs, and there are a few Israelis, and then there are other Israelis, too, and the Arab majority,” Netanyahu said. 

The Israeli government has since been accused of using the Palestinian issue to further its political agenda, with the government claiming that it is working on a plan to integrate the country into international organizations. 

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Prime Minister Netanyahu said he had “the right to use the term ‘Arab,'” and claimed that there are “some” Arabs in Israel, and said he does not believe there is a “double standard.” 

“We are trying to solve the problem.

We are trying and we are trying, but there are some people who don’t want to accept it,” Netanyahu told AP.