Teachers in Illinois call for school to be renamed ‘illuminated’ in honor of ‘Illuminators’ statue

Teachers in Illinois call for school to be renamed ‘illuminated’ in honor of ‘Illuminators’ statue

August 21, 2021 Comments Off on Teachers in Illinois call for school to be renamed ‘illuminated’ in honor of ‘Illuminators’ statue By admin

A group of teachers in Illinois wants their school to become “illuminating” in honor.

Illinois State Teachers Association president and CEO Michael Perticone said Monday the board should name the campus after a popular mural of an Illini football player in tribute to the Illini’s legendary coach, Gene Upshaw.

In the mural, a player wearing a red, white and blue uniform stands in front of a school building with an Illinis helmet and the phrase, “Illuminator.”

The school board voted 5-1 Monday to name the school after Upshaw’s image, along with the words “Illinois” and “Illini.”

The resolution also calls for the state to “rebuild and rehabilitate” the campus and for the “Illuminating Schools Initiative” to be implemented.

The resolution comes after a series of protests by the Illinois State Teachers Union over the past few weeks.

Protesters have called for the removal of Upshaw from the school, and have said the school is a “safe space” for students.

State lawmakers have passed legislation to change the state’s constitution to ban public schools from naming their campuses after any figure or person, including religious figures, statues or buildings.

Perticone told reporters the board “would like to have that conversation, to get the name of the campus that we call ‘Illinois’ back.”

Illinois state Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Springfield, who authored the resolution, said the board was not seeking to remove Upshaw but was simply asking for a name change.

“We want to have a name that’s not just a football stadium,” Erpenblau said.

“It’s also a place where students can come to have fun.”

A proposal to rename the campus has stalled in the Senate.

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